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If you're seeing this, it means that we've connected in some way.

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It was probably one of my videos on YouTube, Facebook, or maybe even Instagram. Either way, it's so awesome that you are here and I'm glad that you enjoy what I'm doing! 


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I've always stayed independent as a musician. It lets me do MY life as I see fit. It lets me focus on creating instead of having to mold music industry "standards".  (rolls eyes)

 My debut album, "Oldies Vol. 1", is a 12 track album on CD, Vinyl, and online comprised of Pop Punk covers of Oldies songs. (Mostly 60's and 70's era) 

I released a new cover along with a music video every 3rd Wednesday for 12 months for the release of this record.


Over the next few days, I'll send you secret links that contain all of the behind the scenes content for this album. As I create new albums and videos, I'll send you those too.


At the risk of sounding like a suit, this content is EXCLUSIVE to you. It will not be available in any other way.


I literally put all of this together myself so that it will always be FREE to all of my supporters who just want to know more.


I sincerely hope you enjoy what I'm doing. I have a blast doing this for you! 

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Sometimes material goes unreleased. Instead of finding it 10 years from now in a box of childhood memories, why not share it with the people who give a heckin’ heck? Totally free and no logging in.

The Extras

12 months of recording, mixing, mastering, shooting, and editing went into the making of this album. Not to mention all of the music videos. I have a blast doing what I do. It’s even better when I get to share that process

The Journey

“Should I Go?”

“You’re your own person, Stacy.”

“Then I’d like to stay.”

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